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Valentine is upon us: what could be more romantic than becoming a property owner?

This Valentine’s Day could be the year that you find love, not necessarily with another person, but with your new property…Valentine’s Day is a time that tends to encourage thoughts and discussions of the future, the way relationships are going and long-term planning which includes investing in things we love. Any person with an income, whether they are in a relationship or not, should start thinking about how to invest in property, for the future.

Sometimes life compels us to think beyond our presence…

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Would you be able to retire on what you make now?
  • Would a financial emergency destroy your life?


There is a common belief that property investment requires a lot of money which is absolutely not true. Life only begins when you become more committed to your dreams. After all, comfort is the enemy of progress and procrastination is a thief of time!

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Given that valentine is upon us what could be more romantic than becoming a property owner? 

  • Imagine a husband and wife entering the property market together in the month of love – isn’t that a sign of love? 
  • For couples who want to build a legacy that can be carried over generation to generation through property investment… it’s crunch time. 
  • For those who are single, why not invest in yourself?

If you are excited about celebrating this valentine differently, you have made the right choice. The idea of building passive income might seem hard and even overwhelming… 


BUT THE TRUTH IS… It’s not that hard at all. What you need is the right: mindset, knowledge, systems and people who can help you get there.

Let’s start with basics: Here are some ways to prepare yourself to purchase property, even if you’re not ready to take the plunge just yet.


  1. Save for a deposit: Banks will see you more favourably if you have shown that you have the income and discipline to save in advance and will be more likely to grant your bond.

  2. Keep your credit rating clean: You can check your credit rating for free once a year to make sure that there are no judgments against your name, and always make sure that you pay any owed money on time. It helps if you can show that you have serviced debt well in the past.

  3. Find out what you can afford: Affordability calculator
    So let’s say you’ve found your dream property. What next? We all know it’s easy to fall in love with property that might stretch your budget so be on a safe side of it. It is ideal to know how much you can afford when buying your first property. 

SA Property Investors Network highly recommends Absa’s bond calculator that can help you conduct your research. It is easy, quick to use and doesn’t require any commitment from you. You can simply access it by CLICKING HERE. OR you can contact Absa Home Loans directly by filling out the form at 


Do the paperwork: When you start to get serious about buying, make sure that you have your hands on all the necessary documentation to make an offer. Feel free to reach out to our powerteam bond originator, Christiaan Jansen from at threesixty finance at

Our CEO and founder of SA Property Investors Network and The Property Academy Andrew Walker, says that owning property is a great idea to build your wealth and create a legacy to live the life you want. In the end, creating wealth through property opens the door to a world of possibilities.

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By starting early and getting a foothold on the property ladder, you’re preparing yourself for anything that the future might hold. And if your property gives you the added opportunity of attracting you a partner, then home really will be where the heart is.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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