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Investor of the Year

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Property Investor of the Year

Property Investor of the Year

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced property investor entering the Investor of the Year 2024 competition is a strategic move for any property investor.

It offers an exceptional platform to showcase your expertise, gain recognition in the industry, and network with like-minded professionals.

Winning this prestigious award can significantly enhance your reputation, attract new opportunities, and solidify your position as a top-tier investor in the competitive real estate market.

Don’t miss the chance to stand out and propel your property investment career to new heights.

Beginner Investor

An individual/company who has purchased their first investment property

Most Growth Investor

An Individual/company who has more than 2 properties and has shown the most growth in the last 24 months

Big Leagues Investor

An Individual/Company that is investing in commercial, industrial or High density residential properties

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Investor of the Year Awards aims to show South Africa that the average person can invest in property and you can change your life.