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Get your next project financed by UMastandi from TUHF

While many township residents would like to rent or own property in other traditional suburbs, some choose to remain in their areas. The impressive township property price growth has increased and infrastructure upgrades make these areas more attractive. And therefore, the township property market could potentially have South Africa’s most exciting investment opportunities. According to Andrew Watt a property specialist from Lightstone, there are 1.4 million township residential properties in South Africa. “We estimate the total value of these properties to be about R240 billion with an average value of R174 000 to 175 000”.

Indeed, the property market in townships is booming and there is always a demand for properties in township areas. The problem is, of course, the affordability. Only 20% of prospective buyers can afford to buy, making it incredibly difficult for many to enter the housing market. Trying to get a bond while in a high-paying career can be difficult to do, and it is even worse for low-income earners. But that doesn’t mean purchasing property is out of their reach, at least not with the help from UMastandi.

If you are ambitious about building rental property in a township or you have a dream of owning multi-let properties one day, but you don’t have adequate funds to turn your dreams into reality, don’t lose hope. UMastandi from TUHF has a solution for investors who are goal-driven and committed to taking their investment journey to the next level. 

If you haven’t heard of uMaStandi yet, well, uMaStandi is the first commercial property finance offered in target township areas. They assist investors to access funding in the affordable housing space by providing them with finance. This finance is designed to use people’s property equity to gear a rental enterprise and ensure that construction is properly designed and constructed with all the necessary planning permissions in place. You can contact TUhf directly through our SAPIN connect portal at

What does uMaStandi offer to investors?

  1. Mortgage finance

UMastandi offers finance that you can use to build income-producing rental accommodation on your property. This mortgage finance loan is backed by the value of your property.

  1. Training and mentorship

UMastandi works with investors at every step of the journey, from working out whether you can make money from rental to showing you how to run a profitable business.

  1. Help with construction

UMastandi helps with infrastructure upgrades, contracts with the right builder, and makes sure the construction of your rental development is on time and within budget.

What are the areas of finance for uMaStandi?

UMastandi offers a loan solution for property investors in South Africa within selected geographies. The list below are townships that UMastandi offers finance for. 


  • Soweto 
  • Spruitview 
  • Langa 
  • Gugulethu 
  • Lenasia 
  • Eldorado Park 
  • Blue Downs

Cape Town 

  • Khayelitsha
  • Delft
  • Mandalay
  • Montclair


  • Atteridgeville
  •  Mamelodi


  • Vosloorus 
  • Tembisa

Requirements to qualify for uMaStandi loan:

uMaStandi understands that it is important to feel grounded in a plan of action, and therefore they work with investors throughout the application process and guide them every step of the way. However, applicants should have an open mind and the right attitude that shows that they are willing to take advice from the team. Last but not least, applicants should be self-disciplined to manage the property’s cash flow to the benefit of the property, not for personal use. 

  • You must be employed with a stable income
  • You must have a title deed
  • You can contribute equity, 20% of the total cost of the project
  • To be in the right area – selected townships in Gauteng and parts of Cape Town.
  • You must own or buy the property you want to develop rental accommodation on.
  • You must have a good credit record
  • There must be enough space to build rental accommodation
  •  You must have an honest and reliable character
  • Have the interests of urban regeneration at heart
  • You have a good credit record and aren’t stretched too much on your other borrowings, for example, credit cards

If you meet all the minimum requirements and you have an interest at heart for township developments start your application at and become a property entrepreneur without a hassle. 

What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts that uMaStandi offers to investors?

The Loans amount depends on each individual’s portfolio but all investors approaching uMaStandi is expected to contribute 20% of equity towards a building project and the other 80% is raised by TUHF. For start-up investors, uMaStandi offers a loan amount that is between R200 000 to R300 000 to mitigate the risks of granting investors a higher loan amount and in future, they are not able to pay back the loan. For current investors who own multiple properties or investors who are looking to refinance, they can get a maximum loan amount of R5 million rands.

Below are a few steps that will enable a successful application: 

  1. Feasibility

uMaStandi works with entrepreneurs to design their projects and calculates the development cost for financing. At the end of this process, you will be able to answer these questions:

  • How many units should I build with how many ablutions (toilet, shower and kitchen facilities)?
  • How does the layout fit on my property?
  • Is the development compliant with town planning requirements?
  • How much will it cost to build?
  • How will I repay the loan?
  • What will my running costs be?
  • How much profit will I make?


  1. Application

Submit all the necessary documents and signed application form to uMaStandi for finance

  • Credit approval from uMaStandi
  • Meet the conditions of the approval & sign the Loan Agreement


  1. Construction 

Umastandi will support you to have your plans approved by the relevant municipality and help you with the following:

  • Finding a builder
  • Signing a contract with the builder and/or sub-contractor
  • Managing all the construction stages
  • Completing construction and ensuring good quality structure before the builder leaves your site


  1. Property Management

Once construction is complete, you will be able to:

  • Screen for qualifying tenants
  • Sign up & manage your tenants
  • Manage your property
  • Pay off your loan
  • Make your profit

While many aspiring investors wish to enter the property market, the reality is not everyone has adequate capital to get started. uMaStandi is devoted to working with investors from all walks of life to ensure that they can own the properties they’ve always wanted, sooner than they thought. As uMaStandi continues to showcase its strong passion to support, grow and develop property investors, they have recently financed a multi-let property development. Click on the link to learn more and find out how you can be next!

TUHF is a strong believer in being the change that you want to see, they have the best interest at heart to change the world into a better place. Where others see intimidating run-down buildings TUHF sees potential for families to live in a safe and secure environment. Get in touch with TUHF at

Final takeout

Nobody said property investment is easy, but it’s easier when you work with a network and when you have the right knowledge and skills that you can use to leverage your property journey. Now, it’s about you taking it to the next level. Join a community of serious property investors today so that you connect with better service providers such as TUHF to access finance for your next project at