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Don’t let the hiccups of your journey halt you from progressing.

You have already come a long way to become a property investor, we congratulate you for taking the first few steps! We know it’s not easy because if it was easy, everyone would be an investor… yet it takes someone who is committed, dedicated and goal-driven to accelerate an investment journey towards real success.

Are you looking for new strategies to access finance? When it comes to property investment there’s no generic, one-size-fits-all approach, especially when it comes to raising finance. However, you need the right guidance and knowledge in place to be able to tap into the right investment strategy that best fits your objectives. On top of that… the bigger question is how will you identify the right finance strategy? Maybe you have lost money already trying to secure what seemed like a good deal? Best believe it, has happened to most investors. A few years ago, many of our coaches and experts were exactly where you are, so we understand how you feel. But remember our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall and that makes us heroes at the end!

So, like any other adventure, before you make any decision about investing in property you should find out as much information as you can and work within a strong power team in order to stay on top of your portfolio.

With that being said , what if we can show you strategies that the public don’t know about whereby you don’t need you to use your own money to upscale your portfolio. What if we can teach you how to negotiate deals where you don’t necessarily need to use the bank’s money either….

Instalment Sale Agreements Deals are one of these strategies, where you take on someone’s bond, without having to show affordability and paying NO TRANSFER COST either… Sounds too good to be true??? Nope, think again. Why don’t you join our Free Instalment Sale Agreement Webinar to find out more… check it out by CLICKING HERE

When thinking about Finance strategies, we suggest you think about:

  • Can you apply for a Bond?
  • If you can’t get a Bond, can you partner with someone that can get bank finance?
  • Can you get the seller to finance the property for you?
  • Can you put a Joint Venture deal in place with the seller?
  • Could you raise cash from other investors?

If you could team-up with various investors and get the right partners on board who could assist in funding your property deals, then you are ready to really accelerate your portfolio.

More key tips to upscale your portfolio.

  • Ensure your foundational knowledge is correct and that you fully understand the basics
  • Get your Personalised Blueprint in place to ensure you know where you are, where you are going and what needs to change to get there.
  • Make sure you have the right entities in place i.e Companies / Trusts
  • Work with an experienced Property Coach to help you with Strategy and Accountability
  • Build your own network of investors who can help fund your property deals and provide the best services needed along the way

As you climb the property ladder you will want to restructure and upscale

While many investors start out with the intention of making it big in the property industry, only a few get it right from the get-go! There are pitfalls to avoid so you don’t become a statistic of the property game.

It is important to stay clear of the following common pitfalls of property investment.

  • Think logically, don’t become emotionally invested.
  • Plan and research everything. You should educate yourself and stick to a plan.
  • Be patient. While property is a lucrative market it is very unlikely that you will become an overnight millionaire.


QUESTION: How do you know if what you’re buying is a good deal?

Simple…have a clear goal of what you want to achieve and go in with the right plan, run the numbers, do the due diligence, access the right finance for the deal and surround yourself with the right team. But now that you already have a portfolio, that might be burning a hole in your pocket and are placing more stress on you than you ever imagined it would, you realise that you bought into more than one bad deal? Does this sound just about where you are at?

Even if you feel stuck with a negative cash flow portfolio, and if you feel like the only option you have to recover is to sell for a loss…the good news is you actually do have more options to turn your portfolio around. And while selling for a loss is one option, there are indeed other options that could turn around your fortunes within 6 months or less.

EXPLORE THE PROPERTY ACADEMY’s FREE WEBINARS hosted by Professional Property Invfestors, offering guidance on how to review and restructure to generate increased cash flow from your current portfolio!

“Knowledge without actions is wasted, but action without knowledge can be deadly.”
Andrew Walker