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We connect like-minded property investors to help them grow their property portfolio,


We are passionate about empowering South Africans through property investing & shifting future generations.

Welcome to our Property Network! I am a HUGE believer in creating multiple streams of income and can’t wait to share this with you. I bought my first property in my early 20’s and after realizing that I earned more money in ONE property transaction than I did in a full year of Sound Engineering I was hooked.

Shortly after, while working in the UK I started helping other investors build their property portfolios and built a successful sourcing agency on the back of this. It then led to building my own portfolio and a lettings agency. I have made mistakes and I learnt from them but my mistakes were minimised by working with a property education company. I have a desire to pass this knowledge onto others and I am here to help YOU.

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SA Property Investors Network aims to educate, add value and grow the network of the private property investors across South Africa.


The value of SA Property Investors Network

One of the best investments one can make in terms of minimising risks and optimising returns is through property investments.
This could be through buying a rental property, purchasing shares on the stock exchange in listed property companies, buying directly from developers or restoring derelict properties.
Property has and always will be an integral part of any sound investment portfolio.


Nyameka Khoza

Appreciated the invaluable property investment strategies & goal setting information

Sipho Mehlape

I attended an event and decided today is the day. Since then, I never looked back. SAPIN offers a world of knowledge and more importantly a strong network to learn from and to help you find opportunities.

Kelly Grant

I always thought buying property was for the rich, now I realise anyone can do it

What others have to say



SA Property Investors Network are proud hosts of live property investor education and networking events since 2013. The events are hosted in Johannesburg, Centurion, Soweto, Cape Town and Durban.


SA Property Investors Network has collectively have had over 4,000+ people attend their events. Today there are 50,000+ people interacting on the SA Property Investors Network Public Facebook Group and 25,000+ people following the SA Property Investors  Network Public Facebook Page.


The chairman of SA Property Investors Network is Lebo Gunguluza, Entrepreneur, Turnaround Strategist, Inspirational Business Speaker and Dragon Investor. The founder of SA Property Investors Network, Andrew Walker is an experienced local and offshore property investor, developer, inspirational speaker and coach. Andrew has a passion to inject financial education into millions of South African’s..


The main purpose for hosting these events is to educate, add value and grow the network of the private property investors across South Africa. SA Property Investors Network has a unique property entrepreneurial and investor approach.

Event attendance costs is FREE for Premier Members and R500 per person for non – members.

Are you ready to ramp up your property investment knowledge and network?

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Lebo Gunguluza:

Chairman and Dragons Den Investor​

Lebo Gunguluza is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Gem (Gunguluza Enterprises and Media) Group established in 2002, an integrated media, hospitality and technology group. Gem Group has diversified to various portfolios within the media, leisure, hospitality and IT spheres which include publishing, television, communication technologies, eventing, hotels and resort, property and financial technologies.

Lebo Gunguluza, Entrepreneur, Turnaround Strategist, Inspirational Business Speaker and Dragon Investor – known as the “The Breakthrough Entrepreneur”. A true trailblazer and leader in high technology innovation and great passion for FinTech and Cyber-Security. He is a pioneer in the 4th Industrial Revolution and has made investments in various financial technology companies and digital innovations.

He is a Dragon investor from Dragon’s Den Africa and a judge on SABC 2’s entrepreneurship TV game show ‘The Game Plan’. He is the Founder & President of SABEF (South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum) which was established 15 years ago and recently completed his 5 year entrepreneur mentorship program called ’12-12-12′, where he mentored 12 entrepreneurs, every 12 months who ran 12 companies.​


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