Zero to Hero as a SAPIN Investor


... sounds like a dream, right?

Once upon a time, there was a young lady from Cape Town and her name was Taneal.

Taneal was on the internet looking for opportunities and exploring ways to improve her life and to create wealth… but she didn’t know where to start.


On Youtube, she came across a video of Andrew Walker talking about something called SAPIN and she thought “Hey, this is interesting, let me click on the link.” So she started browsing through the SA Property Investors Network webpage, looking through all the memberships that aim to educate and enable aspiring and current property investors to kick start their property journey. Not really understanding what the bigger picture is, she decided to send an inquiry through the contact us page. SA Property Investors Network called her back to find out more about her, what her goals are, where she is, what she does and exploring how we can actually help her.


We discovered that she really wants to get into property investing but she had no idea where to start and what to do and she didn’t have much capital at all. Andrew Walker believes that knowledge without action is wasted, but that action without knowledge can be deadly.

So he advised her to:

  • Start with the First Time Home Buyer online course available through The Property Academy.
  • Take up the Professional Membership, where you can get alot of support and be part of a mastermind as well as getting access to the SA Fundamentals course. All this for R997 per month.
  • Andrew further advised Taneal to start the SA Fundamental Course which was included in the Professional Membership.

SA Property Investors Network went above and beyond to help and assist her to make sure Taneal got the support that she needed and that she started off with some basic buy-to-let units.


Property Investor Success

Taneal started taking advantage of Professional Membership, exploring webinar replays, the ebooks and joining the virtual Q&A sessions asking property experts, Andrew and Dave various questions while learning from the other questions alike. She then joined the MasterMind, where she realized “Wow, there is so much more to this than I thought but the success that others have achieved through property investment is the real deal.” Yes, Taneal is young and she doesn’t have a lot of capital, but that is no reason to not take the leap.

#PowerTeamService: Bruno Simoa Property Brokerage identified some deals through an estate agent within our network. The brokerage negotiated three flats which were on the market for over R400 000 and got the price down to   R 350 000 each; that had tenants and were in good condition with rental of R 4800 a month. As she was a Professional Membership, she took advantage of the 72-hour exclusivity and started to run the numbers, doing the due diligence and assessing whether this would be a positive cash flowing deal. Through the support an nd network we looked at the different possibilities on how to structure the  deal. What entity would she buy in 

As she is located in Cape Town while her first three flats are in JHB, she used #PowerTeamService: Roomoo and Andrew Walker went out on her behalf and called her on whatsapp video from the flats whilst they were there. Room then did a 360* tour for her and not only showed her the flat but the buildings and the surroundings as well. After viewing the videos, Taneal said she is comfortable with what she’s buying.

Took her first deal where the Brokerage, held her hand all the way through from the start to the finish. She then approached #PowerTeamService: Intergen  (extension of Bruno Simao Attorneys) who helped us set up the structure to make sure she’s buying in the right entity. Through #PowerTeamService:: bond originator, Christiaan Jansen at 360fin she also got the best bond the banks could offer without using any of her own money. Today, she owns three properties, Taneal had enough for part of the legal fees but not all of it so SAPIN connect helped her raise the difference. . She further used #PowerTeamService: SAPIN Drive a technology based system which will help Taneal manage her properties effectively from Cape Town. She is currently managing her properties through this platform and  she could access rental insurance through expello again being in our network.  On the back of SAPIN Drive she could access discounted rental insurance through Expello, offer limited to New SA Property Investors Network Memberships




When she started she had no idea what we were talking about, what passive income is, what is finance, refinance or any of the jargon. She was eager, prepared to work hard, take the time to learn from those who have achieved success and ensure that she connects with the right power team members. In less than 6 months, Taneal went from beginner to generating positive cashflow off her buy-to-let investment property.

Taneal or Miss Petersen as she is known for the majority of her working day, is an educator who teachers grade 4s.

“If there’s one thing I could add it would be the general excitement of knowing I can actually achieve what I’m setting out to do. 
Finding SAPIN was exactly what I was looking for in the South African property field. They answered the questions I didn’t even realize I needed answers to, videos where I was able to hear the questions answered by professionals in those respected fields. And the general motivation and help from all the members in my power team who I worked with. How they guided me…. in the direction of doing all these things properly the first time around. The extended network who reached out in response to my request for angel funding showed me the people in this network are kind and understand each other’s goals and they want others to reach those end goals as well.

Andrew, just how you helped me through this process, I would love to do the same for someone else. This is life-changing and I can never look back. Thank you for advising me to join the SA Property Investors Network Membership.”


Purchasing a property can be a life-changing decision...

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