Andrew Walker:

Managing Director

Welcome to our Property Network! I am a HUGE believer in creating multiple streams of income and can’t wait to share this with you. I bought my first property in my early 20’s and after realizing that I earned more money in ONE property transaction than I did in a full year of Sound Engineering I was hooked.

Shortly after, while working in the UK I started helping other investors build their property portfolios and built a successful sourcing agency on the back of this. It then led to building my own portfolio and a lettings agency. I have made mistakes and I learnt from them but my mistakes were minimised by working with a property education company. I have a desire to pass this knowledge onto others and I am here to help YOU.

Simone Walker

Executive PA & Customer Success Specialist

Did I think I would be here? My afterschool journey started with a degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology so I definitely didn’t think I would be moving into property investment. Life is full of surprises and I have travelled a long road in property. Andrew and I built up a portfolio & lettings agency with very little money and a lot of energy.

20 years later and I am so fortunate that we are now able to help investors everywhere achieve their goals. Reach out to me if you don’t know what your next step is and I can guide you to the right team member to assist you in moving forward! 

Dave Mcglashan

Director of Operations

You may know me as the guy who sorts things out. I always strive to develop and engineer automated systems and solutions for ultimate efficiency.

I have a passion for integrating property investment and technology but other than that, I started investing in the UK where my company focused on the acquisition of multi-tenant properties. I then invested in Cape Town where the business further focused on short-term capital generating strategies. 

We will see each other on the coaching programmes and when you need assistance throughout your investment journey.

Alani Keyser

Alani Keiser

Sales Specialist

I feel like I have met you already as I am normally one of the first people you have contact with in the network. However, if you don’t know me yet, I am a result-driven Sales Specialist with 20 years experience as a sales professional in Sales and Client Service. As a result of hard work, I have been awarded multiple times as sales professional of the year.

Where do you go next? I pride myself in my ability to listen to customers and put your needs first. I really want to help you develop the right action plan to choose the perfect property investment product in order for you to succeed in your investment journey.  My other passions include being a singer-songwriter and studying herbalism, with a keen interest in blood analysis and lymph health. Alani goes above and beyond the call of duty to point investors in the right direction and meet their unique needs.

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