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The basics and a refresher on student accommodation and the value proposition

The risks inherent in specialised property and a risk matrix

The future of student accommodation – What about online learning? 

Attend for only R 97

Are you looking for the fastest way to build your portfolio!
And to find out more about Student Accommodation?

Choosing the ‘right’ property investment strategies for yourself is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your property investment journey. Student accommodation is still considered as one of the biggest and most resilient markets for investing in property (even during COVID!)

The key is to understand that there are loads of students wanting to study at prestigious universities and learning institutions which means they need a place to stay that is close by and near all necessary amenities. This is especially true because of the shortfall of beds at the universities themselves.

The demand is huge for student accommodation at the moment but COVID has also presented some changes and maybe even some challenges to the market.
For example, have you thought about the COVID protocol and procedures that need to be in place if you have students sharing a dorm? Have you budgeted for sanitizer dispensers and temperature screening?

If you haven’t, dont worry, Mohamed Gardee and the SA Property Investors Network is here to address the ways in which COVID has impacted the student accommodation market so that you can be prepared and proactive when starting or growing your investment portfolio.

As long as higher learning institutions and universities exist, there will be a need for student accommodation, making it a feasible investment opportunity while affording you the opportunity to assist in creating a better South Africa.


  • The basics and a refresher on student accommodation and the value proposition
  • The risks inherent in specialised property and a risk matrix
  • The future of student accommodation – What about online learning? 


  • Date: 27 January 2021
  • Time: 17:30 Registration for 18:30 to start
  • Venue: ZOOM and networking on Discord
  • Cost: R 97 (Discounts Awarded for Membership Levels)

Attend for only R 97


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Student Accommodation


Mohamed Gardee

Property Risk and Valuations Consultant

Mohamed has been actively involved in the property sector for the last 20 years and has experience in diverse roles: Property management, as an investor and funder, turnaround specialist and as a property risk and valuations consultant. He is also currently completing a Masters degree in Real Estate at WITS.

Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker

Investor, Entrepreneur, Coach, Founder and CEO at SA Property Investors Network

It is impossible not to feel inspired when meeting Andrew. His passion for people, property and passing on his knowledge is evident. Besides being a successful investor, he is a property investment coach and has founded various property-related businesses in the UK and South Africa. Andrew is the founder and CEO of SA Property Investors Network, connecting, educating and motivating a growing number of over 50 000 property investors in South Africa.

Attend for only R 97

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