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Property Entrepreneur

David McGlashan

David is an entrepreneur who lives in Somerset West, just outside of Cape Town. He has focused on growing a UK based property business and is now concentrating on expanding within South Africa. He is focused on building systems and businesses that free up his time so he can continue growing multiple streams of income. Property forms the foundation of his businesses.

“Property is my preferred vehicle to grow my wealth and free up my time. I find property is well suited to systems and can truly be a passive income. The security property provides makes it well suited to raising money and building yourself a legacy.”

David’s Journey

We are all exposed to people who have made money out of property, the methods employed always eluded David until he undertook an advanced UK mentorship. Since then property has been the primary focus of his time.

Before a journey into property he had a successful career in entrepreneurship with two major businesses. Firstly a flight school on the west coast followed by a business consultancy. He also completed formal education in business management and computer sciences.

He started a journey into property with advanced training, a UK mentor and a coach. His mentor, Chris Dowty, a London based mentor who manages an investment fund of £45M and his coach, Warren Brusse who has completed over 40 property transactions. David leveraged their experience to get a quick start in property where he completed his first deal, a capital flip in Scotland where he employed a power team and remotely managed the project.

His current focus is twofold, On and Off shore. On shore, specifically in cape town He has completed several capital flips and is now undertaking both commercial Cash flow and residential development projects. Off Shore he is growing an income portfolio as well as completed a Development in Manchester.

David now spends his time building systems for his businesses so he can focus on the core roles in property – raising capital. Guiding others to achieve their goals is a way that he gives back as without the guidance of others David would not have achieved the same success. Now he strives to help those around him.

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