SA Property Investors Network_6 December 2019_Press Release

On 30 September 2019 Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEAI) publically stated that it will not renew the Company’s license agreement with Rich Dad® Education. It has been more than 10 years that LEAI held an exclusive license to the Rich Dad® Education brand, where LEAI developed a structure of in-person education workshops that allowed the brand to grow and thrive.

This decision affected not only the business unit located in South Africa but also those within UK and USA. The change has initiated a restructuring process within Legacy Education Alliance South Africa.

It is due to this restructure that CEO and Founder of SA Property Investors Network, Andrew Walker, has decided to leave Legacy Education and to pursue further opportunities within property education.

“I have loved working with the Legacy Education team and getting the chance to educate South Africa in property education. I owe a lot to the people within Legacy, who have helped me to grow and improve as a Speaker and Coach. However, with this restructuring, I can no longer commit to moving forward with the company. My passion and that of my team is still to educate and grow South Africans in the Property and Entrepreneural space and I am excited to continue this vision with my awesome SA Property Investors Network Team. We will continue to grow and expand and make a sustainable difference in South Africa’’


As before the focus will remain to move people forward towards economic emancipation and financial freedom with the use of property as an investment vehicle. Our new property investment education entity, The Property Academy, will operate with effect from January 2020. We vow to continue to hold the same high ideals for property education and enabling entrepreneurs to take spectacular action moving both themselves and greater South Africa forward as before. Our focus and commitment remains with our students (past, current and future) and what is best for them at all times.

The SA Property Investors Network Team

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