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Offer to purchase


Its important that when you buy a property you always have an exit strategy. Make sure you use an OTP that has exit clauses.



*This offer to purchase, prepared by Bruno Simão Attorneys, is a comprehensive contract containing many of the standard terms and conditions that one requires and has come to expect in such a contract and more. More detailed than many the usual standard contracts available in the market, you will find more elaborative clauses as well as footnotes explaining the applicability of some. Although comprehensive, each sale carries with it its own set of facts and needs, meaning that in most cases the use of a standard offer to purchase is not appropriate. It is therefore strongly recommended, unless you are experienced and are able to adjust this contract to meet your specifications, that you seek legal advice before making an offer to purchase or accepting any offer using this contract. Should you realise that you require any amendments, please feel free to contact Bruno Simão Attorneys, who shall credit the cost of the purchase of this contract against the costs of any amendment, alternatively, you are free to consult with any other attorney of your choice.

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