Safe and Secure Offshore
Property Investing

Removing unnecessary risks and Creating better
annualized returns of up to 10 – 20 %

Safe Investing

Our platform prioritises the safety of your cash and investments through third party regulated financial service providers.

Due Dilligence you can trust

We partner with a range of real estate development and investment firms (Sponsors) who provide investment opportunities.

Direct investing into Institutional Quality Deals

Access commercial real estate invesments previously out of reach to the individual investor.

Investors key needs and wants:

  • To passively grow their wealth
  • Safety and peace of mind in their investments
  • Competitive returns
  • A simple and easy way to invest offshore
  • Direct real estate investment
  • Global diversification
  • Simple money movement and keeping funds offshore

What our platform offers:

  • Online Investing Marketplace
  • Regulated investment structures
  • Unparalleled access to institutional quality deals and partners, thoroughly vetted by our due diligence team
  • Easy to use digital wallet that makes investing their money simple and straightforward
  • Transparency on everything we do

Is this for Me?

Here are what some of our investors are saying

Global Offshore Real-Estate Investment

Digital investment platforms bring with them increased compliance and regulation, economies of scale, robust investor data protection, and access to better opportunities. High Net Worth investors globally are switching to digital platforms for their real estate options. With our platform you are now able to reduce risk through building a globally diversified real estate investment portfolio, investing in world class real estate deals. Reduced minimum investment requirements means all your money is not in one deal

The Core Story

Replaces an old complex

Up until now the main option for investing offshore has been direct buy-to-rent apartments and houses.  This model of investing requires significant investment of time and money to manage – legal structures, bank accounts, accounting, mortgage acquisition, management agents, and more.  By investing through a digital platform that partners with the best real estate investment firms globally, there is no more hassle for better returns.

Access to institutional
quality deals

Investors can now get unparalleled access to global institutional-quality real estate deals online. Large institutional real estate firms do not take individual investments below $1 million, leaving the best deals only available to funds, REITS and ultra high net worth investors.  Through compliantly aggregating our investors into single legal entities, we can now get investors a seat at the table.

Increased security
through a regulated

We partner with independent regulated financial service providers for core financial services.  Our core investor promise is that while all investments have risk, the risk should never extend to basic cash and investment ownership custody. Cash Management and SPV management are handled by independent licenced financial service providers.

Lower entry levels
per deal allows for diversification

Lower minimum investments into direct commercial real estate deals means that investors can invest into more deals and build an offshore portfolio of high-quality assets.

World class partners

To be able to list of the platform, deal sponsors need to be part of an exclusive group of the best in the world.  We partner with a range of real estate development and investment firms (Sponsors) who provide investment opportunities. Our partners are carefully selected to be best in class companies with established track records and expertise. All firms listing deals on our platform are subjected to a three-step extensive DD process with oversite from an independent DD manager.

USD based returns

A core strategy for a healthy overall investment portfolio is to ensure assets and income have a strong base currency.  With deals in the USA, UK and Europe, investors are hedging their investments in key global currencies.

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