Due Dilligence you can trust

We partner with a range of real estate development and investment firms (Sponsors) who provide investment opportunities. Our partners are carefully selected to be best in class companies with established track records and expertise. All firms listing deals on our platform are subjected to a three step extensive DD process with oversite from an independant DD manager.

Step 1:
Company Scoping Report

All companies must meet our core minimum requirements:
1. At least 20 years combined management experience 2. A direct investment of own funds into each project of at least 5% of the equity alongside our investors. 3. A proven commitment to protecting investor funds. 4. Deal Structuring that is transparent and compliant

Step 2:
Enhanced Due Diligence

Companies that pass our initial screening process are then subject to enhanced due diligence before being approved by our investment committee. We identify key risk factors and thorough background and performance checks to mitigate unnecessary risks on behalf of our investors.

Step 3:
Deal Verification

Companies that have been approved by our Investment Committee are able to submit deals to be listed on our platform.

Prior to listing we perform deal verification checks before submitting the deal to our investment committee for approval.

Enhanced Due Diligence Checklist

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