8 Steps to getting started with Property Investment

Are you thinking of entering the thriving real estate market of South Africa and embarking on an illustrious career as a property investor? That’s a great plan, but it is important to keep in mind that South Africa’s real estate market can be volatile and competitive. Real estate investment is never as easy as it

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How can investors minimize maintenance costs on properties?

Whether you’re a first-time landlord or an experienced one, understanding how to manage properties the right way is crucial for success. Especially in the case of rental property where one of your major objectives is to establish a consistent flow of income from your property investment. One particular facet that will impact your profitability and

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Managing properties has never been so easy with Preferental

Are problem tenants causing you sleepless nights? Do you have tenants that are not paying rent on time?Or perhaps, you have irresponsible tenants who are mistreating your rental property? Our proud sponsor, Preferental, has a solution for you! When it comes to rental management services, Preferental covers it all – from dealing with monthly invoice

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5 Tips for Newbie Investors

Beginners, should always ask themselves questions like, “Why do I want to get a property and what do I want to achieve out of it”? “Am I venturing into property because I want to build a retirement plan or is it because I just want to build assets outside of what I’m currently doing”? “Do

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Get your next project financed by UMastandi from TUHF

Get your next project financed by UMastandi from TUHF While many township residents would like to rent or own property in other traditional suburbs, some choose to remain in their areas. The impressive township property price growth has increased and infrastructure upgrades make these areas more attractive. And therefore, the township property market could potentially

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What are the legal risks of buying property at an auction?

  What are the legal risks of buying property at an auction? The list of problems that can arise during a property transaction is lengthy and without an attorney to handle those problems, should they arise, the process can be risky. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned house flipper, or selling a home

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Making Money While You Sleep: Passive Income Opportunities

Are you looking to make some extra income, apart from what you already earn from your day job? Do you want it to make you money while you’re in dreamland? Then you should consider investing in passive income opportunities. Passive income is gained through passive means — in other words, unlike active income, you don’t

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Don’t let the hiccups of your journey halt you from progressing.

You have already come a long way to become a property investor, we congratulate you for taking the first few steps! We know it’s not easy because if it was easy, everyone would be an investor… yet it takes someone who is committed, dedicated and goal-driven to accelerate an investment journey towards real success.  Are

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Buy your first home on a single income (Full)

Looking to buy your first home? If you’re a first-time buyer wondering if you can purchase property on a single income, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a common myth that buying a property on a single income is impossible however we beg to differ with that statement! Although two incomes are always better

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Zero to Hero as a SAPIN Investor

Are you looking to get started with your property journey, or are you looking to adjust your current portfolio to ensure you generate increased cash flow? Join this free webinar where property expert, Andrew Walker runs through a practical case study where a beginner investor who started with nothing is now generating positive cash flow of 3 new deals in ONLY 6 months!

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11 Ways to make money from Property

1. Buy-To-Let This method involves buying a property with the express purpose of renting it out and eventually making a profit from the rental. It is usually quite a long-term investment as the intention is to have the property pay for itself (from the rentals collected) without requiring huge amounts of capital from your own

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