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Zero to Hero as a SAPIN Investor

Are you looking to get started with your property journey, or are you looking to adjust your current portfolio to ensure you generate increased cash flow? Join this free webinar where property expert, Andrew Walker runs through a practical case study where a beginner investor who started with nothing is now generating positive cash flow of 3 new deals in ONLY 6 months!

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11 Ways to make money from Property

1. Buy-To-Let This method involves buying a property with the express purpose of renting it out and eventually making a profit from the rental. It is usually quite a long-term investment as the intention is to have the property pay for itself (from the rentals collected) without requiring huge amounts of capital from your own

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SA Property Investors Network_6 December 2019_Press Release

On 30 September 2019 Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEAI) publically stated that it will not renew the Company’s license agreement with Rich Dad® Education. It has been more than 10 years that LEAI held an exclusive license to the Rich Dad® Education brand, where LEAI developed a structure of in-person education workshops that allowed the brand

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Property Investment

The transfer of property process in South Africa

Below are the 5 steps that are taken in order to transfer a property into your name. Step 1: Once the seller has signed the sale agreement (aka Offer To Purchase) the purchaser needs to obtain a home loan. Astute buyers know to use the services of an expert bond originator who will help them

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Elements of an Offer to Purchase

The elements of an OTP

The first part of your OTP will detail the seller and the purchaser’s details. The next section will stipulate your purchase price. With our deal, we were going to put 10% down as a deposit and pay the remaining 90% at transfer. That’s why we inputted our details at 1.3 and scratched out line 1.3.1,

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3 ways to finance your deals with an investor

By leveraging your time, efforts and, what we call, OPM (Other People’s Money), you can turn your property dreams into reality. Now let’s assume after learning how to analyse property, and how and where to find them, you eventually find an investor who is cash rich but time poor – what 3 financing strategies can

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