Clever Thinking: Offer To Purchase Amendments

  Oh wow… another can of worms! The “Standard” Offer To Purchase plonked in front of most buyers to “urgently sign” in order to secure this “limited opportunity” from a “desperate seller” who will soon be “inundated” with other offers from buyers with deeper pockets than your own… haven’t we all heard this story?? In

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Property: Ensurance that you understand Insurance

There seems to be an incredible amount of confusion about insurance and what each type of insurance covers. This article seems to clarify what is typically covered under each policy and who typically pays for it. Whilst some of the below may not seem like it is directly linked to property it is important to

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Capital Gains Tax

Understanding the impact of CGT on your Property Business?

Lots of our SAPIN clients often ask us about CGT and what is the best statutory vehicle for operating your property investment portfolio to use. Often our answer to this is “it depends”. While taxes are not the only determinant for which vehicle to use, it is important for you to understand the tax rate

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